6 Tips to Keep a Wooden Deck Looking Good

Wooden decks add beauty and functionality to any home or business. They offer an attractive extension to the surrounding outdoors. Moreover, wood decks can have endurance qualities, withstanding nature’s elements. However, they can quickly deteriorate without proper care and maintenance. The following eight tips will help keep your deck looking good.

Sweep & Shovel

Regularly sweep dirt and debris off the deck to avoid stains and damage on the surface and between wooden boards. Also, to reduce damage caused by moisture, remove snow and any pooling water from your deck as soon as possible.

Home Maintenance

7 Deck Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained deck adds beauty, enjoyment, and value to a home or business. Unfortunately, a deck in poor condition, in need of repair or cleaning can be a distracting eyesore. Moreover, left unaddressed, many deck issues can become worse over time. Experts recommend completing deck maintenance tasks at least twice a year, preferably in the Spring and Fall. Here are eight deck maintenance tips to keep your deck looking great.

Deck Sealing

Deck Inspections, Cleaning, Sealing, and Restoration

Along with enjoying outdoor lounging and BBQs, decks often enhance the overvalued value and beauty of the home. Decks also require regular inspection, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance.

Deck Inspection

At least twice a year, deck owners are advised to carefully inspect their deck, including handrails and steps. They should look for any stress signs, loose, broken, rotting, cracking, or curling areas. It’s important to replace damaged boards to prevent injuries or further deck damage. Also, carefully look for any missing hardware (nails, screws, or bolts) and fix any identified issues. Finally, using a flashlight, check for beneath the deck, to ensure insects or animals aren’t causing any damage to the structural supports.

Deck Staining Home Maintenance

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