Our Staining Process 


    Questions that we're asked the most are probably; what is the process and what are the steps we take when staining or sealing something? And what products we use to extend the life of the deck and achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.   
    We created this page to answer these critical questions and try to explain each step we take and why it's crucial. But before we go into the details, let me clarify that every deck staining company follow different protocol and sometimes skip few or most of the steps required to assure long-lasting results. At Deck Doc, we are not just trying to rush through the job and get paid, but rather build a relationship with the customer, so that next time you need any work done on your deck or siding, - you'll think about us. 

Sealing & Staining Steps

Step 1  Inspection and Proposal

   Give us a call or email us, and we'll schedule an initial inspection of your project. In most cases, you won't even need to be home for us to measure and inspect your deck, siding, or any other wooden structure. You can also email a few pictures of your project along with rough measurements. Within a few days, you'll receive an estimate form Deck Doc which you can accept online or call us if you'd like to discuss it with our knowledgeable staff. 
  After the estimate is accepted, we'll schedule a time to start the work on your project.  

tape measure.jpg
Step 2 Preparations

   We start work by removing or covering outside furniture, moving potted plants away from the work area, and covering everything that could get damaged during the process. If needed, we will cover all plants and vegetation around the area as well.  
  To prevent overspray and to make sure we do not stain or seal what is not needed, our technicians will tape and cover all exposed surfaces around the worksite. 

Step 3  Cleaning & Power Washing

  Once the area is clear and ready for the work to proceed, we'll start the cleaning process. That is probably the most crucial step of all. Wood has to be completely clean of all contaminants and dry for the stain to penetrate the wood properly. Unfortunately, most sealing and staining companies either skip this step at all or just power wash the area. 
 It is essential to get this step right for the stain or sealant to last. That is why we also use deck strippers and brighteners to remove old coats and open the wood pores. Below are the products we use and recommend, but it's ultimately the customer's choice to use one product or the other. Click on the pictures for more information on these products. 

Step 4 Repairs / Resecuring 

  Now, as the area is clean, and we see the condition of your deck, it is time to inspect it again for any rotten boards and other damage that was missed during the initial inspection. If nothing else is found, we will proceed with the repairs if needed or let the customer know if anything else needs to be addressed. 
  At this point, we will also nail down any fasteners that are not flush with the surface boards, and resecure all screws. 

Deck Sanding
Step 5 Sanding 

   Sanding is the last step before staining or sealing.  Your staining technician will determine how much sanding will be needed before the start of the project, and it will be priced in the quote. We sand the area to smooth the rough surfaces and also to remove any stain left after the cleaning step.

Step 6 Application

    Finally, we are ready to start staining or sealing. Before we start this step, you'll have some time to choose the color of the stain you'd like us to use. We mostly use and recommend Benjamin Moore Arborcoat stains, but the choice is yours, as we will work with any other product you prefer.
  We use different methods to apply the product to the surface. Depending on the situation, weather conditions, and product type, we might use brushes rollers or sprayers. What method we will use will be determined by the technician unless specified by a customer. 

Solid Stain.png
Semi Solid Stain.png
Semi Transparent Stain.png
Semi Translucent Stain.png

For more information on Benjamin Moore stains click on any picture above

Step 7 Walkthrough and Approval 

    Once the stain is dry, our technician will walk the project with the homeowner to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction. We will address any concerns you might have and answer all the questions.  

Step 8 Touchups

    No matter how hard we try, sometimes we still make mistakes or miss something. Even if the project was completed, approved, and paid for, we will always come back and correct any issues you may find within a reasonable amount of time, usually within two months from the date of completion.

Step 9 Moving Back Furniture /Clean-up

    Deck Doc technicians will move all furniture and other things back the way they were before we started the project. We'll clean-up the surrounding area, wash off siding and windows if they got dirty during the whole staining process.

Deck sealing

     Those are the steps we take to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.