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6 Tips to Keep a Wooden Deck Looking Good

Wooden decks add beauty and functionality to any home or business. They offer an attractive extension to the surrounding outdoors. Moreover, wood decks can have endurance qualities, withstanding nature’s elements. However, they can quickly deteriorate without proper care and maintenance. The following eight tips will help keep your deck looking good.

Sweep & Shovel

Regularly sweep dirt and debris off the deck to avoid stains and damage on the surface and between wooden boards. Also, to reduce damaged caused by moisture, remove snow and any pooling water from your deck as soon as possible.

Use a Grease Catcher

Outdoor grilling is one of the joys of owning a deck. However, with this activity comes the risk of grease stains, which are difficult to remove. Consequently, it’s important to always use a grease catcher.

Regularly Professional Cleanings

Hire professionals to clean your deck to completely remove debris, mildew, mold and other impurities that can possibly damage your deck. Experts recommend doing this bi-annually, in the fall and spring.

Regularly Seal It

This is an absolute must. Regardless of the deck’s age it’s important to have your wooden deck (includes pressure treated wood decks) professionally cleaned and sealed about every two years. The purpose is to protect it against damage from moisture (dew, rain, snow) and the sun. When moisture gets into the wood it can cause it swell; conversely, the sun can cause it to become dry and shrink. If left unsealed, this will allow a damaging cycle of expansion and shrinkage that will lead to a warped, gray, and cracked wood.

Avoid Paint or Dark Stains

Decks with paint or dark stain finishes require tremendous maintenance since they peel. Without proper care, your deck will be put at risk. If you do decide to stain your deck, experts recommend using oil-based stains that will fade naturally and gradually.

Inspect and Fix Issues

Sweeping, cleaning and sealing your deck offer inspection opportunities. When you notice any issues it is best to make repairs as soon as possible. Otherwise the problems can become worse and more costly. Inspect your wooden deck for any loose or warped boards, rot spots, loose hardware and structural integrity.

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