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Dealing with Deck Discoloration

Outdoor wooden decks are constantly exposed to nature’s elements including sun, rain, wind, fungi, mold, dust, pollen and dirt. Sunlight is the biggest culprit for deck discoloration. In short, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can break down the wood’s integrity eventually leading a gradual shift from its original pristine color to gray hues. Overtime this leads to changes in the deck’s appearance, which includes Fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent or address deck discoloration.

Inspect and Make Repairs

The first step in tackling discoloration is to conduct an inspection and make any necessary repairs. Carefully look for any stress signs, rot, lose or buckling boards, missing or damaged hardware, or other issues. Also, check under the deck for any structural damage or issues. Make a list of any issues and begin to make repairs.

Clean Surfaces

Pressure washing is the best way to clean a deck. However, while it may appear simple, it actually requires significant skill to do it correctly. Moreover, it is also easy to unwittingly cost expensive damage. To ensure the work is done correctly, consider hiring professionals, such as Deck Doc, to clean the discolored deck.

Apply Stain

After repairs have been made and the deck has been properly cleaned, it’s time to apply stain. The stain will serve as a protective finish. Experts recommend clear or transparent stains for new wood and semitransparent stains for older, discolored decks. This type of stain will still reveal the grain, while giving the deck service a nice color. Moreover, it offers additional protection from harsh weather elements and, unlike paint, it will need peel or chip.


Some may want to apply paint to their deck. Unlike sealers, paint will not penetrate the wood. Instead it will provide good UV protection. Painting a deck means that no natural wood grain will be visible. It will give a uniform appearance. However, overtime the paint will chip and peel, requiring stripping and reapplication.

Apply Sealant

As a final step, apply a high-quality, water-blocking sealant. It will provide additional protection again ultraviolet light and extend the wood’s life. Deck sealants are usually transparent finish that helps to keep moisture and water from penetrating into the wood. Unlike pigmented stains, sealants do not offer protection for the sun’s UV rays.

While discolor, graying wooden decks are unsightly. There are steps that can be taken to restore its former beauty. Some homeowners and businesses choose to hire a company, like Deck Doc, to clean, stain and restore their deck.

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