Deck sealing services in Chicago

Deck Inspections, Cleaning, Sealing, and Restoration

Along with enjoying outdoor lounging and BBQs, decks often enhance the overvalued value and beauty of the home. Decks also require regular inspection, cleaning, sealing, and maintenance.

Deck Inspection

At least twice a year, deck owners are advised to carefully inspect their deck, including handrails and steps. They should look for any stress signs, loose, broken, rotting, cracking, or curling areas. It’s important to replace damaged boards to prevent injuries or further deck damage. Also, carefully look for any missing hardware (nails, screws, or bolts) and fix any identified issues. Finally, using a flashlight, check for beneath the deck, to ensure insects or animals aren’t causing any damage to the structural supports.

Regular Cleaning

Regular deck cleanings are an important part of deck maintenance. Not only will it help keep your deck looking good, but it will also keep mildew and mold at bay while reducing the likelihood of a slippery surface. The first step is to sweep the deck to remove any debris, dirt, or leaves that can decompose, causing stains and damage. Regardless of the season, decking can become slippery because of fungus that grows on wood once it’s soaked by rain. In general, pressure washers do the best job at cleaning decks.
Experts recommend power washing your decking at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Although pressure washing looks easy and even fun, it’s extremely important to do it properly after inspecting issues (e.g. loose boards, missing hardware, cracks, etc), otherwise, the power washer can cause costly damages. To ensure it is done correctly, many deck owners hire professional deck cleaners.

Deck Sealing

Throughout the year, the sun, wind, rain, and snow, along with foot traffic, take their toll on decks. Consequently, most decks need to be restained or resealed every few years. Following is a simple test. Sprinkle water on the deck. If the water absorbs into the wood rather than beading, it’s time to reseal or restain your deck. Experts recommend using a high-quality, water-blocking sealant to maximize durability and extend the wood’s life. Along with sealant, staining your deck offers additional protection against gray-causing ultraviolet light.

Deck Restoration

Over time, a wooden deck will turn gray from age, ultraviolet light, weather, and general wear and tear. Fortunately, it is possible to restore it by doing repairs, deep cleaning with proper products, and applying new stains and sealants. Many homeowners hire a deck restoration professional to 1) ensure their deck restoration is done properly, 2) avoid costly mistakes and damages, and 3) save time and effort.

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