Now that you have spent all that money building a new deck or have just re-stained your old one, you want to make sure it will last. Proper maintenance and upkeep will extend the life of your deck or porch and ensure you can enjoy your time on it for the years to come.

Fist and easiest step in prolonging your decks' life and maintaining its beautiful finish is regular cleaning. By simply removing dead leaves and dirt from the surface of the decking boards, you'll ensure the stain or sealant will last longer, will not get stained, and won't lose its color and protective properties.

Power washing - is another excellent way to clean older, heavily soiled decks. However, it requires special equipment and know-how to achieve desired results without damaging the wood or hurting yourself. Power washing your deck can have a huge positive impact on its appearance, primarily when done by professionals.

Sometimes you'll see algae, mold, or mildew start getting root on your deck. This is very common in shaded areas on the northern side of your property. Moisture here tends to linger not only on the horizontal deck boards but also on the house siding, roof shingles, and so on. Reaching out to power washing services in Chicago will work to clean off these unwanted microorganisms quickly and inexpensively. We also recommend sodium hypochlorite, aka bleach solution, to deter these organisms and prevent fast reappearance.
Always be careful when working with any chemicals, read the warning label, and use proper protective gear. Or better yet, seek the help of your local professional pressure washing company.

Besides being adept at power washing services in Chicago, we also have the know-how to help decks in various stages of disrepair. Although we do not build new decks, we are very capable of fixing them. Our skilled craftsmen can replace rotten boards, deck joists, railings, and posts. We work with a wide range of decking materials, from cedar and pressure-treated lumber to Brazilian hardwood (IPE) and composite decking (TREX).

So give us a call if you have questions about maintaining, professional pressure washing, or fixing your deck, siding, or porch or need help with it. Our professional deck experts will extend the life of your wooden structure and replace any broken parts to make it safe for you and your family.


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