Chicago weather is unforgivable to your house exterior, including your deck. Decks and Porches are constantly exposed to rain, snow, and harmful sun rays that accelerate wear and tear. Staining your deck is the best way to protect it from the elements.

Staining is similar to painting. Very often, a stained deck looks just like a painted deck. No wonder people sometimes confuse these two very different processes.
Wood stain, besides giving your deck the desired look and color, also seals and protects wood from the elements. The deck stain will also last longer on the surface, especially on the horizontal deck boards.
The preparation process is also very different when it comes to deck staining. It will depend on how old your deck is, the type of stain you will use, and a few other factors. Staining wooden decks also looks gorgeous and last for many years when done correctly. That is why we strongly advise against painting your deck or porch. Stain it!

Some other benefits of deck staining services besides the ones we already mentioned include:

  • You can choose stains with different transparency levels. Semi-transparent stains will show wood grain and give your deck a more natural look. In comparison, solid color stains will look just like paint and hide wood imperfections and old colors.
  • Like paint, stains come in many different colors, giving you a wide range of color choices. You should not have any problems matching your deck to your home's siding color.
  • Stain also protects wood from pest infestation, slows mold grows, and protects wood from rotting.

Suppose you decide it's time to refinish your deck or porch. We strongly recommend consulting with professional deck staining services to achieve the best result.

Give us a call. We will make your deck stand out and add value to your home.


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