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Fall Deck Care To-Do List

Fall is the ideal time to give your deck some extra attention. Such efforts will extend this essential outdoor space’s life, health, and beauty. Check out this to-do list about proper deck care for the fall

Clean It

Along with regular sweepings, fall is a good time to pressure wash your deck. It’s the most effective way to deep clean the surface. That being said, power washing isn’t as easy as it might appear. It requires the right equipment and technique; otherwise, the person doing the work can cause costly damage. Moreover, the correct pressure and method are needed for optimal results. Consequently, it’s best to leave pressure washing to the professionals whenever possible.


Fall offers the perfect opportunity to inspect your deck. During the inspection, look for loose or warped boards, rot spots, loose hardware, and structural integrity. If you notice any issues, it is best to make repairs as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can become worse and more costly.

Preparation and Sealing

Make sure your deck is sealed correctly before heading into the winter months. It is time to reseal when water absorbs the wood, no longer beading up on the surface. Before staining and sealing, ensure your deck is clean and free of rot and other issues. Also, the wood deck must be completely dry (inside/out).

Unwelcome Guests

Now is an excellent time to inspect the area for any termites, insects, or other creatures that might negatively impact your deck’s structure.

Store Outdoor Furniture

As the weather gets colder, it will be time to winterize or store deck grills, outdoor furniture, decoration, and other items. Also, move any planters and clean any left behind dirt.

Keep It Clear

Keep your deck free of leaves and debris. If they sit too long on your deck, they can lead to scratches and stains. Also, wet leaves on a poorly sealed wooden deck are certainly not a good thing.

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