Chicago’s Deck Doc provides the following services for any wooden surface in or outside your home, as well as any type of commercial space (such as a siding, deck, porch, patio furniture and others).


Patio, decks, outdoor furniture, siding, wooden window frames can all use some type of water-resistant treatments to ensure they stand the test of time and are protected from harsh weather elements. We will select the right type of water-resistant varnish depending on if your wooden items are inside or outside and whether they are light-or-dark grain.


Sealing is typically carried out on wooden products to prevent stains. When it comes to wooden products oil, dirt, dust and general debris can add extra stress to wood which easily cracks, rots or becomes moldy from excess water or high humidity conditions. Sealing your wooden products such as decks, beams, patio furniture and more can really help. Sealing wood also ensures that it is waterproof. We use the correct sealant for the job.


Staining wood helps to achieve that perfect shade/color that you seek. We will make sure to prepare the wood adequately first by appropriately sanding it down. On raw wood for instance, we sand going in the wood’s grain direction prior to staining. All types of wooden products can be stained which helps to bring out the natural appearance of wood. Painting on the other hand, can help to cover up any imperfections.

Cleaning or Pressure Washing  

Pressure cleaning or power washing exterior wooden decks and other surfaces is the best way to remove built-up dust, debris, soot and other pollutants that gather and collect on a daily basis. Removing these pollutants helps not only from a health perspective but power washing is also a great and inexpensive way to create the right first impression to potential home buyers. We also clean walls, hardscapes and siding areas too.

  • We strive to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious and utilize biodegradable cleaning products, wherever possible.

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